Is there a way to speed up the compost process in a landfill?



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    Only aeration, oxygen, moisture and sunlight can speed up the process of decomposition. This works very well for soil organic matter, but plastics-which make up a huge part of our landfills-can take up to a thousand years to decompose. The best solution is to use more soil organic material and less disposable garbage. Many recyclables are thrown away needlessly everyday. However there are some promising experiments with bacteria based recycling of plastic. This would convert PET plastic, not virgin plastic, to PHA plastic which is more biodegradable. Nevertheless biodegradable waste doesn’t get the oxygen, moisture and aeration it needs under the 1,600 pounds a year garbage mountains created by the United States, China and other industrial nations. Just reducing the shear volume of consumer disposable products we use will help the refuse thats already in the landfill decompose.

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