Is there a name for people who eat road kill?



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    Very hungry? I don’t know if there is a specific name for people who eat roadkill, though I guess most would associate the consumption of roadkill with hillbillies. However, there is a roadkill recipe book, that was written by a someone not likely to be labeled a hillbilly. Bon Appetite! 

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    Not specifically that I know of, but eating roadkill has gained acceptance among vegetarians and vegans today. Some vegans refuse to purchase meat because they do not want to support the meat industry, but this issue does not apply to roadkill. In fact, some believe it is more disrespectful to the animal if it is killed by a car, as thousands of animals in America are each day, and then the body is left to go to waste. The roadkill can be put to use in a variety of ways. It can be eaten, skinned and tanned. During the great depression it became much more common to eat roadkill and is considered an issue of class by some, but today that is not true. 

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    Alaska gives roadkill moose to charities such as food banks.  Hundreds of moose are killed on the roads each year and would otherwise go to waste.  If the charities don’t get the moose, there is also a wait-list that Alaskan residents sign up for to receive the moose.

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