Is there a link between climate change and volcanic activity?



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    yes that is the reason ice caps melt under ground valcanos

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    There are many links between climate change and volcanic activity. Volcanic eruptions cause plumes of gases to be released into the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide which can alter climatic activity. Large eruptions release huge volumes of sulfur into the stratosphere which can lead to lower temperatures on Earth and promote depletion of the ozone layer. In addition, sulfur dioxide gas can cause acid rain and carbon dioxide further increases the greenhouse effect. On the other hand, recent research that suggests that global warming may also promote volcanic activity. As the icecaps melt, the pressure exerted on the rocks beneath is reduced causing them to expand and turn to magma.

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    We have seen studies claiming that global climate change may more volcanoic eruptions, but the link between volcanic eruptions causing climate change is still up in the air (no pun intended). 

    Eruptions do cause greenhouse gases to be blown into the amtosphere, but at the same time, several aerosols (tiny particles) are also released, blocking out part of the sun’s rays.  Scientists had noticed during  years of major eruptions, the earth received significantly less solar radiation.  This fact coupled with how far and few between major eruptions are, we do not have any conrcete proof eruptions are a signifcant factor into global warming.

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    Yes, volcanic activity has two different impacts on the global temperature.

    1) It has a short-term cooling effect through all the particulates released into the atmosphere.  However, these only stay in the atmosphere for about 2 years before they’re washed out.

    2) It has a long-term warming effect through the CO2 released into the atmosphere.  Volcanoes release far less CO2 into the atmosphere than humans though.

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    Just like franksyber, dana1981 and richardfisher observed, volcanoes contribute a lot to climate change. This is because during volcanic eruptions, lava materials include greenhouse gases such as corbondioxide, carbonmonoxide, nitrogen etc., which were hitherto locked up inside the ground are thrown out into the atmosphere thereby distorting the concentration of the atmospheric gases. With some of the gases perforating the ozone layer thereby increasing the intensity of the short term radiation; the impurities in the atmosphere increase and retain much heat in the lower atmosphere (troposphere), the temperature is increased giving rise to change in rainfall and other weather elements. 

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