Is there evidence to suggest that global warming in a natural phenomenon?



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    Yes, there is some evidence that warming trends are natural. The best way to answer this is to state the important fact that there is no demonstrated evidence that global warming is human-caused. The fact is many scientists have looked at the historical trace of climate change and suggest that the earth has naturally fluctuated between hot and cold periods and does so every 1,500 years or so. The fact is, we have no real demonstrated evidence that these changes are human-caused- we merely have computer models. The book Unstoppable Global Warming, which was written by a group of scientists as a response to Al Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Truth”, notes that a warming trend that occurred between 1850 and 1940 could not have been man-made. These scientists argue that the sun’s radiation is much more of a factor in this warming trend then has been suggested by environmentalists, and that the efforts made by Al Gore and others amount to “scare-mongering”.

    Bottom line is, in my opinion we should examine all perspectives on the global warming issue in order to deal with it most appropriately. If we allow ourselves to be convinced that humans are entirely responsible, then we may spend our resources trying to turn back the clock when in reality evidence suggests we may be fighting a lost battle against the forces of global temperature fluctuations. Lets learn what we can about natural warming trends in order to make smart decisions about how to live in a warmer world that may be inevitable

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     The fact that the global warming that’s going on right now is made-man is completely accepted by the scientific community. The scientific reasons that increased amounts of CO2 (carbon dioxide) cause the atmosphere to warm have been understood for over a hundred years!  We understand how CO2 works, and we also know that we pump gigatons of it into the air every day.  So the question shouldn’t be “Are humans causing warming?” but “How on Earth WOULDN’T humans be causing warming, given what they’re doing right now to the atmosphere?”  

    Geological evidence -or what scientists dig up from rocks, like fossils and ancient traces of atmospheric gasses- shows that the climate of our planet changes depending on how much CO2 is in the atmosphere.  Usually, a change in climate leads to a mass extinction of animal and plant life.  The scary part is that “natural” climate change happens very slowly, over thousands or even millions of years.  But humans are putting so much CO2 in the atmosphere so fast that the climate is changing abnormally quickly -much faster than it ever has in Earth’s history. No one knows exactly what effect this will have on our planet’s life forms, but it almost certainly won’t be good. 

    You should know that the people causing this pollution -coal and oil companies, mostly- are very wealthy, and are putting a huge amount of money into creating articles and websites that give out misleading information about the science.  They’ll say global warming isn’t real, for instance,  or that it isn’t caused by humans, or maybe that it won’t be so bad. What they’re trying to do is delay regulation of CO2 as long as possible so that they can keep making profits.

    I’ve included a link to Desmog Blog, which tracks some of their tactics. 

    Knowledge is power! Don’t let yourself be misinformed!

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