Is there a difference between a green product and an Eco Friendly product?



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    To my knowledge, no. Both are pretty much regarded as interchangable terms. Green is a term that can more easily be adopted/understood by most people than eco-friendly, but both terms mean the same. Green or eco-friendly products are not harmful to the environment.

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    They are pretty interchangable terms, I agree. I’ve noticed, however, they’re almost always used together to describe a product (i.e. this tile is green and eco-friendly!). I see them as umbrella terms, like you put ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ under green/eco-friendly when you describe something. However, unlike green and eco-friendly, I don’t think you can use organic and green interchangably. It seems misleading to me, since while something organic can be green – not everything green is organic. Does that make sense?

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