Is there anyway to rebuild the ozone?



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    To a certain degree, the ozone rebuilds itself.  However, two of the largest holes cover roughly 22 million square miles.  It would take eons for the ozone layer to rebuild itself if pollution completely halted today.  That is unfeasible, and damage will continue to destroy it, making it almost impossible for it to be whole once again.

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    Technically, yes – it is possible to produce ozone.  The problem for Earth’s purposes is the amount we would need to produce – more than double the total annual energy consumption in the U.S.  Since we’re not able to produce that much energy at this time (or anywhere close), we’re very lucky that there’s another solution – reducing the depletion of the ozone.  Since the ozone is constantly building new molecules which are then destroyed, our best solution at this time is to stop the deterioration of the ozone layer and let it recover back to normal levels – this estimated recovery is currently about 50 years.

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