Is there anything that you can do once your fingers are frost bitten?



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    It depends on the degree of frostbite. The body can recover and grow new layers of skin if it is only a first or second degree burn. First degree burns irritate the outside layer, and second degree burns cause blisters. Third degree burns affect all layers and the damage cannot heal.

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    if you know that the victim will not be exposed to the cold anymore you should expose the effected area to warm water (95-105 temp). You should keep the water at the same temperature until the skin is thawed out, the process should take about half an hour– get the victim to the hospital as soon as possible. 

    TIPS to consider:

    never massage the frost bitten area, it only causes more damage.

    If there is no warm water available you can always use what you were given, your body, your body can generate body heat and could help ease the degree of frost bite.

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