Is there anything that stunts the growth of humans?



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    Yes, they are all things that are tied into general health. For example, lack of sleep, cigarette smoking, too much carbohydrate consumption, drinking soda, etc. These are all activities that affect your health negatively, consequently affecting your growth as well. To maximize your growth potential, it is best to take care of your body as much as possible.

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    In general, insufficient nutritional intake and lack of sleep over prolonged periods can prevent optimal growth in a person.

    Many people are convinced that caffeine can stunt your growth, but we don’t really have modern scientific evidence to prove this. Studies show that kids who take the ADD drug Ritalin for three years are, on average, 1 inch shorter and 4.4 pounds lighter than their peers.  A study in 2008 showed that young women who have insufficient Vitamin D intake suffer from stunted growth and unhealthy weight.


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    If a young body’s growth plates become damaged, their growth can be stunted.  One could do this by falling, playing sports, a car crash, etc…

    Children & adolescents have a growth plate at the end of most of their bones. A growth plate regulates the length and shape of bones which is why a damaged one can stunt the bone’s growth.  A growth plate is the last part of bones to harden which makes it more vulnerable to fractures which can cause problems like unequal bone length. 

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