Is there anything good that we can do with old plastic grocery bags?



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    I have switched to reusable bags, but still have hundreds of old plastic bags accumulated in my cupboard. One simple use I have found for them is as small waste bin bags. Once they get full, you can easily empty the trash by grabbing the handles provided. This gives the bags another use and saves money and energy that would go into traditional small waste basket bags. 

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    You may find grocery stores that recycle old plastic bags. I know from personal experience that both Kroger and Food Lion have recycle bins available.

    You can use old plastic bags similar to current reusable bags. Although they won’t last as long, they’re usually good for multiple uses.

    I just recently moved across the country and I used them as packing material.

    I’m sure if you think about it, you’ll come up with some good ideas. I remember during Elementary school we constructed Christmas wreaths with plastic baggies we used in our packed lunches.

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