Is there any way to make my battery last longer in my cell phone?



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    There are a few tips to stretch out the battery in any cell phone.  Cell phones use Li Ion (Lithium Ion) batteries, which are actually common for mobile technology today (mp3 players, cell phones, laptop computers).  Any battery is going to be more so drained when more functionality is enabled.  Tricks like turning down or off the backlight, turning off the vibrate feature, and turning off the phone as much as possible are just to name a few.  The article cited gives more extensive tips for extending the battery life of a cell phone.

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    According to, there is multiple simple things one can do to lengthen the life of the cell phone battery. This includes cutting back on features that drain your battery, like using a blue tooth or games; changing the settings on your phone, such as a lowered brightness, can also save battery life on your phone. One should also keep their cellphone away from heat, and even stick their phone in the refrigerated when it’s at 40% to lengthen the life. Also, charging correctly is important; over-charging the battery (which isn’t necessarily bad until you factor in your phone heating up which is bad), and charging one’s phone before it dies.

    And according to, one can also extend battery life by, when first time charging, adhering to the manufacturers guidelines, keeping your battery away from metal objects, not dropping your phone, getting a good quality battery, such as an LG cellphone battery.

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