Is there any way to calculate the rise in water temperature by using the number of gallons, surface size, and hours of full sun for a fish tank in a solar green house?

That is a rather long question, I know. But having trouble with it…researched everywhere. I (will) have a 385 gallon tank in which I am raising Tilapia. They do best in water b/w 80 – 85, but can survive well in temps as cool as 62 or so. My tank is 9′ x 2.5′ x 3′ D. I can put the tank on a south facing wall with glazing, (i assume best) 6″ from that window wall. I just do not want to fry them in the heat of summer. Is there anyway to calculate what the temp will be, how it will fluctuate in winter months, etc. GA zip 30248



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    There is a neat fact sheet released by Ohio State University about using Water Pressure Deficit (WPD) to calculate the temperature of a greenhouse environment.  There are a lot of equations involved, but there is also a chart on the page that the fact sheet is on (the citation below).  All that you would need is a device that can calculate vapor pressure.

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