Is there any candy that helps the environment?



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    There is more to be said for the candy wrapper than the candy itself.  Every business that has a mass production line faces polluting, simply because of the machinery involved.  Buying handmade candies, with paper wrappers instead of plastic would be a good start.  Or one could just recycle their candy wrappers creatively!

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    Another environmental concern in regards to candy is the source of its ingredients and the sustainability of the manufacturer.  For example, cocoa production has been associated with deforestation and the heavy use of pesticides.  Certain candy companies such as Mars and Cadbury have recently set forth goals to move towards more sustainable and ethically-grown sources.  Endangered Species Chocolate not only is organic and fair-trade, but also manufactures its candy in a LEED-certified building and 10% of net profits go to environmental non-profits.

    Just like with many consumer products, when trying to make a choice for candy that helps the environment, it is best to research the business practices of the company and the sources of the ingredients in the product.

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