is there another name for big eye tuna?



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    The Big Eyed Tuna’s scientific latin name is Thunnus obesus, however I don’t think that is answer you were seeking. In Hawaii, the Big Eyed Tuna is one of two fish referred to as Ahi. The Japanese refer to it as Mebachi and seafood lovers just call it delicious.

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    In Hawai’i, they are called ‘ahi; in the world of science, they are known as Thunnus Obesus; the Japanese refer to the fish as Mebachi.  The big Eye Tuna is indigenous to all of their shores, as well as several other tropical temperate ocean areas.

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    The Atlantic Bigeye Tuna (Thunnus Obesus), also known as Ahi, is considered to be at almost sustainable levels according to the NOAA Fisheries Service.  The bigeye tuna was last assessed in 2007 and while stock of the fish showed marked decline in the 1990’s due to overfishing, current reports indicate it has almost fully stabilized.  The continued protection and management of tuna requires both domestic and international cooperation.

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