Is solar power cheaper than fossil fuels?



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    Solar power is not cheaper than fossil fuels currently, but is expected to be by 2020. It is predicted that solar power production will cost as low as 12 euro cents by then, while fossil fuel electricity will cost 15.6 euro cents. Solar power has been portrayed as the more expensive option of power compared to coal and nuclear power, although studies show that this is a false portrayal. Realistic assessments have been made recently between fossil fuels and solar power, and solar power is expected to be the cheaper of the two.

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    No, Solar Power is usually not cheaper than any  fossil fuels.  Statistics vary, but essentially solar power can be anywhere from $7 to $10 per watt.  Whereas it’s roughly $3 a gallon in America for gasoline, which could run a really good gas powered electric generator for 7,750 watts.

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    Solar power is not initially cheaper than fossil fuel but the payback over the long term makes it worthwhile. Initial installation on a home is around $10 per Watt installed; however, the panels last 25+ years and if sized correctly can even feed back into the grid giving you a better payback. There are also many tax credits and grant programs that are available from small scale lighting projects to large scale buildings. Check out for more information on how you can get money back for installing solar.

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