Is smell pollution real?



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    Smell pollution can be defined as something human-made that one finds unpleasant.  Offenders can range anywhere from car exhaust, smoke, gas fumes, or perfume.  At all times, our senses are bombarded with sights, noises, and smells from our surroundings.  Smell alone can tell us many things about the area we are in, whether we are in a place with cleaner air like a forest or in the middle of a large city.

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    Yes, smell pollution is real. When other types of pollution takes place (air, water, etc.), an unpleasant odor is often emitted that is not healthy for humans to breathe in. Smell pollution does not exist on its own, but is rather just a side effect of other forms of pollution.

    For example: car exhaust, cigarette smoke, industrial factories, etc.

    Pollution in general affects all our senses, smell included.

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    Smell pollution simply means a bad-smelling odor is upsetting to people. So yes, it’s real in that very basic sense. Sometimes smell pollution could also be an indication of real air pollution, like in the case of a stinky coal plant or some such thing. Cigarette smoke might be the most common type of smell pollution, but more organic things like body odor or baby poop could also be forms of smell pollution.

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