should we get rid of Saturday postal delivery?



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    I think the slowest mail day is Tuesday. Labor-force wise it would be best to put the two days together and then eliminate the extra staff needed to keep a six-day delivery schedule, but for keeping things moving smoothly it would be better to not have two days in a row with no delivery.

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    If the United States is looking to save some money, it could eliminate Saturday delivery of standard mail. Most people who receive something over the weekend receive a package from one of the privatized parcel companies like FedEx or UPS, so it it may not be as necessary to have an extra day of mail. Most government job do not work Saturday as well, so it would be easier to sync a standard work week for people delivering mail. A sad truth about the US Post Office is that it is losing its momentum because of its relatively slow delivery rate, as compared to private companies, and may one day disappear entirely due to competition and lack of use from email.

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