should I buy or make compost



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    Its always smart to make your own compost because you have all the materials, you just need to stop throwing them away. Rather than waste energy lugging all that juicy trash to the landfill, put those nutrients back into the soil. Much of the mass of waste we throw in waste bins, including fruit peels, coffee grinds, and egg shells, can be thrown in the compost bin. You can also make use of grass clippings and dead plant material. You can purchase a composting bin or make your own, but either way the process is relatively easy. Follow a step-by-step composting guide online, such as at the link below.

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    Making your own compost is fun and easy. If you have a yard you can do it outside. If you live in the city, you can order or make an indoor composting bin. All you need are worms, and food scraps (no meat). By composting, you are helping to eliminate the excess methane given off by food waste in landfills. There are different options, one in particular is called trench composting. Dig a one foot deep hole and periodically bury your scraps and cover with soil. The worms and microorganisms in the soil will help with the decomposition of the soils. The result will be nutrient rich soil, great for the garden.

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