should China and India be allowed to pollute while fully develop industrially and then clean up their mess, or should we restrict them to clean up a long the way?



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    No, they shouldn’t be favored and allowed to pollute even more than they are already.  Those two countries have an extremely high density population, and the amount of carbon produced while industrialization takes place would be astronomical.  China is one of the world’s leading polluters, and if allowed to have unrestricted production, they could devastate the natural resources and ruin their already precious water supplies.  

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    Laying aside the question of “should,” it might be useful to ask how “we” would restrict them? It is challenging in the US to restrict and require industries to do the “right thing” – it will probably be almost impossible to impose such things on nations. There is enough of a problem with nuclear weapons proliferation – controlling pollution by external force on other nations in today’s global political climate, would seem to be a pipe dream.

    Just a devil’s advocate thought.

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