Question a couple of months ago. What could I do about about frogs and toad entering my back yard for the past 20years. Now gone for the winter but, a I one a couple of weeks ago. I am absolutely petrified of them.Any suggestions?



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    Toads and frogs won’t hurt you, and they are more worried about being stepped on than anything else.  If you come across one, they will try to get out of the way as fast as possible.  They enjoy flower beds as a place to live, so if you don’t want one to “hang around”, you could remove flower beds if you have some and are serious about not wanting them around.  If you don’t have flower beds, then they are most likely just passing through and won’t be in your yard for long.

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      Thank you. But, I still do not know how they can get down steep steps and under a new large “frog proof” gate fitted for this purpose. The last one was climbing up the back door and so worried about them entering the house. Thank you.

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    There are a few ways you can keep frogs away from your back yard:

    1. You can build a net screen around your yard about two feet high and buried into the ground six inches deep. This is necessary to prevent frogs from hopping over or going under the fence. You can use UV resistant three-quarter inch netting (which you can buy for about .40cents a square foot) to do this. It’s a good option if you have a garden because it will allow sunlight and air through but not small animals (not frogs!).

    2. You can apply pesticides for the insects that the frogs eat in your yard (not recommended because pesticides are a no-no for the environment). Take away their food source, and the frogs will go away.

    3. You can use snake repellents to repel frogs as long as you keep it away from gardens or bodies of water.

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