Is a Paperless World a Pro or Con?

I am curious as to how others feel about a world in which paper almost ceases to exist. No paper money, no tablets in schools, no paper bills etc. Everything would be electronic or automated. Students would have tablet pcs to complete assignments and teachers could upload notes via the computer. I think it would be awesome for schools to use touch screens that allow information to be dragged to other computers. This is the just the beginning of a paperless world! Does anyone else agree with me? I think it would be a great idea.



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    A paperless world would also help save trees in the process. But then again, you have to think about having everything automated. That is a lot more electricity that we are using, more electronics that will become obsolete as newer models come out, thus more non-recyclable trash (which is already a problem). There are drawbacks with either issue.

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    I think it would be much better to consume energy than consume trees. It forces us to think of new ways to get power, and hopefully through alternative energy sources. Nevertheless, creating this technology, replacing paper, would be very expensive and many people in the world can barely or if at all, afford to survive. 

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    Very interesting idea! It would definitely be great for the environment, but I gravitate toward a more balanced approach. I’m an avid reader and books are very precious to me — an e-reader can never replace the joy of reading an actual book.  It’s also important have the option to write things down instead of constantly looking on a computer screen all day.  I definitely think we should start to reduce the amount of paper we use, but I don’t think we should eliminate it completely.  It would be far too expensive, and there are so many good uses for paper that can’t be ignored.  

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    I think we should also consider that many of the materials to make electronics are non-renewable. Most plastics (i.e. the casing of my computer, the casings of tablets, etc.) are still petroleum-based, and electronics require a variety of non-renewable metals. Furthermore metals in our electronics are often mined in various African countries where the workers are abused and the earth is strip mined, polluted, and never restored. Just because a totally electronic system may save trees in the developed countries doesn’t mean that it isn’t still hurting the people and the environment of poorer nations.

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    I honestly think a paperless world would be a nightmare. The idea behind it is great, I admit, but to be more realistic, papers represent tangible evidence. I don’t know if that makes sense. But think about it this way, people have started civilizations from writing things down on paper, stone monuments, etc. If we are to write something electronically, say on Microsoft Word, that can be stored on the computer hard drive or usb, but those aren’t very reliable – what if your computer crashes or you lost your flash drive? You can lose your papers and books easily as well, but I’d just have to argue that papers have so many uses even in this modern age. In addition, papers are biodegradable, which is always good. 

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      I figure save information to a floppy disk or USB port. You can register for websites that allow you to store data for free. Electronic emails are a definite plus!

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      I did mention saving your work onto your computer’s hard drive or a USB. Your suggestion about websites allowing you to store data for free also makes sense, and I’m not saying emails are bad as well because I’m sure many people use it on a day-to-day basis, it’s just that papers also have its benefits. And I strongly believe the benefits of papers outweigh the benefits of going paperless.

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    I would say “pro,” in the sense that most paper is made from trees, and therefore reducing the use of paper would reduce deforestation. For the present time, I have this great notebook made out of stone instead of tree wood. You’d be amazed some of the green products out there.

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