Is our dependence on fossil fuels the worst thing that we do for the environment?



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    Actionwise, flying is the worst thing people do to the environment. The high speed across many more miles than cars do consumes a ridiculous amount of energy. Considering the amount of fossil fuels that is used to power planes, it sounds like yes, our dependence on fossil fuels is the worst thing we do to our environment (taking flying, cars, etc. into consideration).

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    Our dependence on energy sources in general is actually the worst thing we do for our environment.  Obviously fossil fuels emit large amounts of carbon into our atmosphere, which contributes to global warming and climate change.  Further then that, hydroelectric dams have been consistently killing ecosystems in rivers since their implication.  The Columbia river was once the most plentiful salmon fishing river in the world.  Now, due to over 400 dams built in the system, the river only carries less than 3% of the salmon it once had.

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