Once a dead zone happens in the ocean is there anyway to get rid of it?



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    Yes!  The Black Sea dead zone largely disappeared over a ten-year span beginning in the early 1990s, and while unintentional, proved that dead zone reversal is possible. 

    Dead zones are low-oxygen areas in the ocean – there are an estimated 450 dead zones worldwide, from coastal waters of South America, China and Japan to the United States’ Chesapeake Bay.  Dead zones are caused by increases in nitrogen and phosphorus in the water, leading to a growth in single-cell organisms that use up more oxygen than they produce.

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    As explained above dead zones are low-oxygen, due to increases in nitrogen and phosphorus, areas in area where sealife struggles to survive. Not only are there programs for dead zone reversal, more countries are taking measures for dead zone prevention. Some of the steps being taken are a reduction in discharged nitrogen, increased planting of vegetation to absorb nitrogen, and reduce sewage discharge into the ocean to name a few.

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