Is oil bad for the environment ?

Please come up with examples and explain with much details



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    Oil itself is not bad for the environment.  Organic oil is a key food source for many animals as it is high in fat and can help sustain the food chain.  Mineral oil is a natural substance which the earth makes on its own.  The problem with mineral oil arises from human use (and over-use I might add).  By utilizing mineral oil as a fuel, we burn it and release chemicals into our oxygen which are VERY harmful to the environment.

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    Well if you think about the oil spill in the Gulf, there was a lot of damage to wildlife in the reefs, turtles swimming in the ocean, and birds. That’s just to name a few. Oil is heavy and coats water, sand, animals, pretty much anything in nature it comes in contact with. It kills animals and plants because it blocks their ability to breath and absorb sunlight. 

    Oil production also effects the environment by transport when it is spilled or run offs from boats. 

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