Is North Korea doing anything to help the environment?



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    North Korea, and it’s people, struggle with the same problems that every one else does and deals with environmental issues in much the same way we do. True, North Korea has a very wide range of problems due to reckless industrialization following the Korean War, but that doesn’t mean they don’t try and clean up the mess either. They have worked with the UN on many occasions to try to reduce pollution, deal with energy needs, overpopulation and over-crowding, environmental degradation, and countless other concerns for the well-being of their people and their environment. Even though our countries differ politically, and our first instinct is to see North Koreans as evil, planet destroying communists, we can’t let ourselves be so blind as to not see the possibilities of reaching a common ground with them. I think that environmental problems are exactly the type of challenges that can bring people together, since we’re all effected by them, and we all need the same answers.

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    North Korea is now having wars. As you see, wars give out C02 which increases carbon dixode which makes hotter. In wars, messes are a big trouble and the now rubbish are lying around. These rubbish can be flown in the ocean causing fished and other sea animals to die!

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