Is more paper wasted in China or Canada?



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    According to, Canada not only generates more pulp and paper waste during production than China, but is ranked number one in the world. Canada produces 13.6 million tons of production-related pulp/paper waste per year, which is far above the second largest producer, Japan, at 9.8 million. Sweden (8.5 million), Finland (7.5 million) and Ethiopia (7.49 million) round out the top five. In fact, China did not even make the list of top 17 nations. Paper that is wasted in garbage may be another issue. 

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    Funny enough, the number one export from the US to China is our own waste paper and scrap metal, about $8 billion worth, to be precise.  Not to mention China is a rising power, and waste in general is poorly handled and few waste management regulations are actually being practiced.

    China may not be close in producting pulp and paper waste natively, but how the pulp and paper waste is currently in China, and how much of it is properly handled, is a different story.

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