Is mineral water expensive?



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    It does tend to be a little bit more expensive than non-mineral water, as it costs a bit more to add those minerals. For example, tap water is close to free, whereas bottled water usually costs about $1-2 per bottle (bottled water is usually mineral water). Many kinds are more expensive though; I’ve seen Fiji water run at $4 for one bottle!

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    Mineral water is more expensive in the U.S. because most of the popular brands are bottled in Europe and imported, creating a rise in cost as it would with any product.  The reason mineral water is usually bottled in Europe is the restrictions placed on the “mineral water’ classification – only select water sources provide water that can be called mineral water, and few are found outside of Europe.

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    At most stores mineral water is around 2 dollars a bottle.  Obviously buying in bulk would save you money.  However, the potential benefits of mineral water may not outweigh the cost of trading in mineral water for regular tap water. Consuming mineral water on a regular basis is costly and can contain high levels of sodium if you do not properly read the labels. 

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