Is a manual transmission more efficient than an automatic?



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    In identical vehicles with identical mechanical specifications, yes.  This is because manual transmissions allow the driver more control over how hard their engine is working, or revving, at most speeds.  In fact, there are some car clubs around the country that attempt to get the lowest MPG along a given route as a “green” version of a race.

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    The above answer is true with cars built before 2010. However since there is increasing pressure on car manufacturers to sell economical cars, the systems used in automatic shifting has been heavily scrutinized lately. The result is that for many new cars, automatic shifting is actually slightly more efficient than manual.

    This is because in the past, people were much better at knowing when to shift than the car was. The computer systems regulating shifting times were limited in their capabilities. Nowadays the computers are so advanced they can shift better than most people can.

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