Is it possible to reverse damage to coral reefs?



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    Not likely, as unfortunately most of the 19% of coral reef loss in the recent years was due to either the reef being mined out completely, or the coral being so heavily degraded that they become non-functional.  The first cite goes over the general coral reef crises, and the second cite has a paragraph near the bottom of the article that discusses specific coral reef issues.

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    Although the prospects for restoring coral reefs are admittedly bleak, there are still a few ways people have attempted to reverse the damage. Dr. Graham Forrester from the University of Rhode Island and his colleagues attempted to revive a certain kind of elkhorn coral in the British Virgin Islands by supergluing pieces of it to rocks and ledges. He found that these corals could reattach themselves after three months and could grow into adult corals in four years. But even if this solution proves applicable to more  varieties of coral, it would still be a stopgap measure against a rising tide of coral destruction. Ultimately, creating marine preserves is a more effective way of restoring coral reefs, since preserves eliminate causes of coral destruction such as pollution and haphazard fishing techniques.  

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    Probably not: the problem that most threatens coral reefs today has a solution that lies not in the oceans but in human activity. Acidication and warming of the ocean (both direct results of human-induced atmospheric carbon dioxide) not only kill coral reefs but prevent them from rebuilding themselves. Once the ocean has reached a certain threshold of carbon dioxide absorption, the acidity and increased temperatures will make it impossible for reefs to survive.

    It would take a very serious reduction in anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions for the reefs to have even a fighting chance. See the link below for more information.

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