Is it possible to depoliticize the climate change issue?



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    I think it’s actually starting to become depoliticized, at least when it comes to our national affairs.  It seems that more and more domestic politicians, from a variety of different political ideologies, are coming together to recognize what needs to be done to stifle human influenced climate change.  Internationally, however, that’s a different story.  As recent environmental summits have made clear, the debate between the developed world and the developing world on levels and amounts of regulations regarding industrial emissions will still be quite political for the foreseeable future.  The developing world views environmental regulations on their countries as an unfair restriction preventing them from developing in the ways that the global north had available to them during the industrial revolution.

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    I don’t think so, because climate change is a global issue. International affairs are going to be intwined when coming up with a solution on how to reduce emissions. If every country’s government gave up on regulations and allowed industries to produce however they wanted, there would be chaos. No standards would be established domestically or internationally. Pollution would be out of control if non-government organizations were in charge of changing the minds of the industries because progress would be incredibly slow.

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