Is it common from people to die from a black widow bite?



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    No; as unpleasant as a black widow bite may be, it is rarely known to cause death, and when it does, the victim usually falls under the category of ultra-vulnerable (child, elderly, or having a compromised immune system.) At the site of the bite, there will be some initial pain. Then, the bitten party may experience dizziness, cramps, abdominal discomfort, nausea and chest pains. In some cases, the symptoms of a bite will mimic other medical issues, such as appendicitis or cardiac arrest, and in other cases has been known to elevate blood pressure to serious levels. If one is bitten by a black widow, they should seek medical attention immediately; pain relief is attainable, through narcotics and antivenin, the latter of which counteracts the effects of the spider venom. 

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    Its a common misconception that black widows kill adult humans with ease. In fact, very few black widow deaths have been reported over the years, and for the most part more vulnerable people like children or the elderly fall victim to death from the bites. I used to live in the desert where they were all over the place- on our trash bins, in almost every dark place. My friend grew up there and was bit by one, but never got it treated. He was a big guy. The point is, healthy adult humans rarely die directly from black widow venom. The death rate has been reported at about 5% or so, but even that may be generous.

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