Is it cheaper to own a car or to use public transportation in NY city?



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    The primary mode of transportation for New Yorker’s is mass transit (subway, train, bus). Due to the large population and high-density distribution throughout the five boroughs, it is generally cheaper to use public transportation. Parking in the city is scarce and expensive, it clogs roadways and leads to lower fuel economy for car owners. On average, more than 50% of the city’s population commutes using public transit rather than by car.

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    In this economy, it’s far cheaper to use public transportation than owning a car in New York City. Since almost everything is in close walking distance, there really wouldn’t be any need to have to drive one or two blocks to do anything. Also, most areas in NYC don’t have the best places for parking, so that would be another worry for owning a car in such a populated area. The gas prices alone would make you think want to think twice about it as well. 

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