Is it bad to spit out your toothpaste onto the ground when you are camping?



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    Technically yes, toothpaste is bad for the soil. It’s considered a germicide, so it kills any germs it comes in contact with. In addition, some tooth pastes have strong flavors and scents which can attract wild life and cause harm if they ingest it. Green Dentistry recommends you take a vegan toothpaste camping with you. It’s all natural so it won’t harm the environment and it won’t attract any animals to your camp site. 

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    Tom’s of Maine has a wide variety of vegan toothpastes;  They are also approved by the ADA, Kosher, and follow sustainable business practices.

    Nature’s Gate also has various good options that are all vegan, cruelty-free, flouride-free, and sulfate-free;

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