If a squirril eats raw rice will it die?



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    Generally they won’t die. Usually some sweet uncooked rice (rice made to make mochi) can be feed to squirrels during the winter time. Although, it is not recommended to feed them this becuase it is not a part of their diet. They can experience a bad digestion if they constantly eat rice. 

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    Just eating raw rice alone should not kill a squirrel. While it is certainly not recommended to give them rice to eat, chances are they will be able to digest it, even if it may make them a little sick. The most common species of squirrel in Asian, the Indian palm squirrel, has been known to eat small quantities of rice (cooked and raw) and be completly fine with it. As long as you are not feeding them mass amounts of raw rice at a time, most squirrels should be able to handle it without too many health complications, but I would not recommend doing so.

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