Is iced tea better for the environment than coffee?



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    Neither tea or coffee is better than the other when it comes to environmental impact they have. What matters is how much water you boil to make any of the two products.

    Here are the carbon footprints (the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced) of some examples of coffee and tea:

    21g CO2e: black tea or coffee, boiling only the water you need
    53g CO2e: white tea or coffee, boiling only the water you need
    71g CO2e: white tea or coffee, boiling double the water you need
    235g CO2e: a large cappuccino
    340g CO2e: a large latte


    So if you drink four cups of black tea a day, you are producing 30kg of CO2e a year. The carbon footprint also increases if you use milk in your drink.

    The best way to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions is to only boil as much water as you need, and to put less milk in your coffee and tea.

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