I want the address or contact phone no. of the company that has a mini turbine with a generator for a mini hydro power project. It is available in India only. Can I have their contact information?



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    While I wasn’t able to find a phone number, I did find contact addresses and e-mails for an organization called Cleaner Climate.  They have been responsible for a few mini-hydroelectric projects in India.  They may not produce the mini-turbine themselves, but if you’re looking for that particularly, I’m sure they would be able to put you in contact with the manufacturers that do.




    Suite 1, 100 Bay Road
    Waverton, NSW, 2060
    +61 (0) 2 9956 5695

    South Africa 
    27 De Winaar Street, Halfway House
    Midrand, 1682
    South Africa
    +27 (0)11 805 1819  

    United Kingdom 
    56a Haverstock Hill
    NW3 2BH London
    United Kingdom

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