i really want to grow saffron in my land. i need some guidance.



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    While saffron may be the world’s most expensive spice, it is ironically easy to grow.  You can purchase a standard saffron “starter kit” of 50 corms (bulbs) for $40-$50.  Plant the corms 6 in apart and 3 in deep in rich, well-drained soil. Using your 50 corms, this should create a saffron bed about 2 ft by 5 ft.  The problem with growing saffron is that it requires patience.  Your first harvest will only produce less than a tablespoon of seasoning. Each year, though, you get more blossoms and more spice from these bulbs.   You can expect one or two blooms per corm the first year, to eight blooms or more by the third year.

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    The real focus of growing saffron is its delicate state. It must be watched closely, daily, as you will be harvesting the delicate red stigmas of the flower to create the valuable spice. A couple dozen corms can create a few nice dishes. Keep in mind it takes 80,000 flowers to create 1 pound of saffron, but 1 pound of saffron is worth thousands of dollars. Zones 6-8 in the South, and 6-9 in the West are ideal for growing saffron.

    For more details, I would suggest a gardening website such as the one cited below.

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