I have a ton of old notepads. Any ideas what to do with them besides recycling?



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    You can actually donate school supplies to charities for children in need. Even “well loved” supplies are accepted, as long as they are still usable. Here’s how to find one in your area: 


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    Donating your notepads is a great option. Another idea and a simple one if you like to draw and are feeling creative, is to make some flip-books. While time consuming, illustrating each page with subtle changes renders a final work that is both pleasing and fun to show others. The attached video is a great example.

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    Learning origami would be a cool way to transform all your small, old pieces of notepad paper into miniature works of art.

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    I second using the old notebook paper for origami as decorations or storage. You can use the paper for paper mache and make cool models. You can use the paper to make cards, stationary and give it as gifts or sell them. You can use them for scratch paper. You can compost them and use it as fertilizer. 

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