I have heard that durian fruit isn’t allowed in certain airports because of the smell is that true?



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    From what I have found, Durian fruit is only not kosher to have in airports in most parts of Southeast Asia.  China, Hong Kong, Japan, all of that fun stuff.  As far as America goes, Durian fruit is allowed in airports in America and Europe.  Here’s an article on the banning of Durian fruit in Asia.

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    Yes, it is not allowed in certain public areas in some Asian countries. This is due to its strong odor, which people find obnoxious. The smell has been compared to dirty socks, and apparently on a ripe durian the smell is very strong. In America, it is not banned in public areas. It is not as common in the US, but it also often arrives from Asia and has lost most of its pungency when it reaches our shores. 

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