I am very interested in making your own perfumes and shampoo and conditioner and need to know more.

Where to get the oils and other ingredients? Homemade soaps and dish soaps and laundry soap etc.



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    I’m also curious about these homemade products as well and am going to begin my own projects soon. I found this website really helpful<http://www.pioneerthinking.com/beauty/hair/ >It reveals a number of methods to make your own shampoo and conditioner, including avocado-based and herbal-based recipes that are super simple. You can buy oils like rosemary and tea tree at health stores like GNC.

    This website <http://www.ehow.com/how_2270860_make-body-wash-extra-dry-skin.html> has a good moisturizing body wash recipe that is cheap and easy to make with things around the house.


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    Wow, this question has me totally inspired to try some of these at home, too! I found the great website below, a woman’s personal blog on making bath products. It looks like for some of the recipes there are specialty ingredients, such as lye, that you’ll have to hunt around for, but if you’re having trouble she has a sidebar on the left with websites for obtaining supplies online. Essential oils can usually be found at co-ops, craft stores with candle-making supplies, new age stores, and other places that might carry incense or other aromatics. When you are tackling some of these, be certain to take precautions, such as using rubber gloves or protective eye wear, as some of the ingredients can be caustic to the skin until properly processed.

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