I am decorating my new apartment and would like to be as eco friendly as possible without spending a lot of money, any ideas?



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    Water bottle flowers:

    Pop art using old cans and bottles and caps:

    I have another idea that highly depends on if you like Pirates of the Caribbean (which I do…a lot!). I am going to fill an empty rum bottle with dirt. “I’ve got a jar of di-irt.”

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    Rattan or wicker furniture is most ideal because it is lightweight, easy to maintain, and durable but does not come from scarce wood resources. Its also cheap! Wicker can be shaped into virtually any type of furniture.When it comes to fabric furniture, organic cotton is best because it lacks synthetic materials and substances, but it is more pricey. As far as decor details, naturally-sourced and organic materials are best and you may find that the atmosphere is more comfortable with these types of elements. Some examples include soy candles and recycled art pieces.

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    Purchasing or finding salvage items is a very eco-friendly way to decorate. An excellent resource to find just about anything you need for free is http://www.freecycle.org. Also curbside finds can be used to make some awesome décor you just need to search around a bit and be creative. Yard and garage sales can also be an inexpensive way to take somebody’s unwanted stuff and turn them into design treasures. In addition it never hurts to ask family, friends, or neighbors if they have any extra stuff that you can take of their hands. Once you have found the basics for structure you can get creative.

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    Another eco-friendly trick is having a lot of plants about the house. They look good in a very timeless, classic fashion which makes them mesh well with both modern and traditional styles. They also absorb indoor pollutants and neutralize them, meaning growing plants in your home can reduce your exposure to all sorts of unpleasant things.

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    Craigslist it up!  When I was a college student, I was always able to find furniture or other items in good condition at a reasonable price.  Taking out the middle man also relieves you from tax fees.  You can also attempt some DIY projects.  There are some great sites that give thorough instructions for making decorative pieces for your home by reusing items.   




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