How much weight do bears lose during their hibernation?



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    Hibernation habits depend on the species and sex, but I’ll take about black bears since they are all over the place here in California and much of the U.S. Pregnant or lactating females can lose up to 40% of their body weight during hibernation, while males can lose 15-30%.  The average weight for female adult is 175 pounds, while a male adult average is 275 pounds, so that comes to up to 70 pounds lost for females, 55 pounds for males.

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    Bears hibernate from approximately the middle of November to the middle of April, but warm temperatures can keep bears awake longer and colder temperatures in April can keep them hibernating past the middle of the month. A black bear will lose between 15 and 30% of their body weight, while reproductive sows will lose about 40% of their weight.

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