How much money can you save if you own an electric car vs a gas car?



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    Well, first of all, electric cars have a hefty sticker price due to the price of the battery, which can cost thousands alone. But when it comes to charging versus gasoline, there is a lot of savings to be had. Here’s a scenario: An energy company is planning on offering a deal to drivers of the Nissan Leaf. They would install a battery charger at the driver’s home and have them pay a monthly rate for the power and the charger, until the unit was paid off. At $80/month, that adds up to fuel costs of only $960 a year for the Leaf. if you drove about 15,000 miles that year and used conventional gasoline, it would add up to just under $2,000, a savings of almost $1,000. You see it depends on the scenario, but many scenarios show significant savings with electric cars as far as fuel goes.

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