How much has the climate bill changed since it was first brought to the senate?



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    The climate bill that was in the senate in the summer of 2010 was abandoned in favor of others issues like health care. It failed for a variety of political reasons; not a single Republican senator voted for it. One of the factors that may have played a role in it’s failure is that the final bill had so many compromises that it was messy and complicated.
    Compromises included:
    -instead of a carbon cap on nearly every industry, only the utility companies would have had to clean up their act
    -pollution permits would have been given to favored industries
    -only certain emerging green technologies would have been funded, such as clean coal
    -biological sequestration offsets (basically ways to use plants to capture greenhouse gases from the air) was given to the US Department of Agriculture instead of the EPA, who are more competent

    Those are all the compromises I could find, I didn’t want to read the original 801 page bill!

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