How much blood can you lose before you pass out?



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    Generally speaking, a human can lose about 25% of their blood before they pass out.  Before they pass out, they may show signs of shock (pale, cold, etc…).  Most humans will pass out by the time they lose 30% of there blood.  The quantity of blood lost depends on the size of the human.  A baby may die after losing only a pint of blood, but a full grown man may remain fully conscious.  The average adult has roughly 10 pints of blood in their body, and therefore the loss of 3 pints of blood should cause the average human to pass out.

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    That depends on the persons age, size, and weight but generally a person would have to loose 40% (Class 3 Hypovolaemic Shock) before they pass out. Anymore than that and they need serious medical help as it can be fatal.

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