How many years do mice live for?



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    As far as house mice go, they only live for 9 months- 1 year or so. Despite the short lifespan, females can have 5-10 litters in that one year, with 6 mice in each! Apparently, the field mouse has an average lifespan of 2-3 months, but can live as long as 20 months in the wild and 2 years in captivity.

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    The world record holder for longest mouse lifespan was a genetically-engineered mouse that lived almost five years. Unfortunately, most only make it to up to 2 years in captivity and less than a year in the wild.

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    Mice might be considered “the potato chips of the animal kingdom,” as just about everything with pointy teeth loves to eat them.  Thus, evolution gave them a very high metabolism to zip around, although in the animal kingdom, this usually means a shorter lifespan.  Nevertheless, mice have one more ace up their sleeves: they reproduce extraordinarily rapidly, able to produce one litter per month!  So even though they don’t live too long and are constantly being snacked upon, there’s never a shortage of mice 🙂 

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