How many wind farms are there in America?



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    It is very hard to estimate, as there is (obviously) a very large number. The only estimate I could find was on; a person estimate 14,000 wind farms. There was no citation though, so that’s just a heads up that it may not be accurate.

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    The exact number is not published (as far as I know). Currently in the U.S, wind farms are running in 36 states. These wind farms have the capacity to produce upwards of 35,000 megawatts. That’s enough energy to power almost 30 million homes in a year.

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    I too could not find a number for exact number of wind farms in the United States. However, I did find some facts about the impact of wind farms on the energy sector. According to the American Wind Energy Association over 40 percent of all renewable energy is derived from wind power. The United States leads the world in the production of small wind turbines to fuel individual homes and small buildings.

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    It is unknown how many small wind installations may be unregistered, but the American Wind Energy Association gives good figures for the aggregate amount of wind power capacity, distributed across all the states with wind farms – check the “Industry Rankings” pdf file at the first link provided below. Texas and Iowa are home to the largest capacity wind farms in the U.S. today, although their ranking is being challenged by emerging facilities in Oregon, California and elsewhere. While many large wind farms have been proposed, a large number of projects have been delayed due to local politics and environmental concerns (see 2nd link). Environmentalists need to speak up on this issue; while protecting golden eagles, and making sure the technology to do so works and old and sometimes not-so-clean wind farms are retired or upgraded on schedule just like coal and nuclear plants, is important, so is retiring our old coal-burning factories, and doing so cheaply and quickly!

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