How many types of bananas are there?



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    There over 1000 types of bananas in the world, slightly different in appearance, size, taste and use.  There are two main types of bananas, those that you can immediately eat, called dessert bananas, and those that need to be cooked prior to eating and are higher in starch, called plantains.  The six types of bananas you would purchase in a grocery store are Manzano, Baby, Burro, Plantain, Red, and Cavendish.

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    I’ve read from a one hundred, to a couple hundred, to over 1,000 varieties of the typical long yellow fruit we see in supermarkets… and not all of them are yellow! The banana that’s found in supermarkets today is the Cavendish, and there is also a Dwarf and Giant Cavendish in existence. Other varieties include the Praying Hands, which are bananas that are fused together and can only be parted when ripe (and taste like vanilla!), the ice cream banana, which has a bluish/silver appearance when unripe and a pale yellow when ripe, African Rhinohorn, which produces fruit that are 12-20 inches long and 2-3 lbs.

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