How many trees are cut down every year for paper production?



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    Nearly 4 billion trees are cut down every year to make paper, that is 35% of the trees in the world. This amount is actually 400% more than the amount of trees we cut down 40 years ago! 300 million tons of paper is consumed each year by the world. 

    This is an astounding amount of trees cut down, which of course, takes an environmental toll. The best way to counteract this problem is to recycle more!

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    4 billion trees (35% of the trees cut down total) are cut down every year for paper production.  187 billion pounds of paper are used for the entire population. Within the last 40 years has increase to four times as much.  However, with the digital age upon, us, will the overall paper consumption increase or decrease?


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    4 billion trees a year are cut down for paper, 35% of harvested trees around the world.

    As far as paper produced for books, about 30 million trees are cut down annually. Apparently, each person in the United States uses 749 pounds of paper a year.

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    Most trees that are cut for paper are fast growth trees.  One of which i plant and sell on my property.  I clear cut every 15 years. Clear cut it 3 times already.  So it is renewable.

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