How many species of dinosaur have we identified?



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    700 species of dinosaur have been named. However, about half of these are based on insufficient data or incomplete finds. In other words, it is not proven they are different species. There are 300 dinosaurs whose remains have been found and put together to form a unique, identifiable animal. Scientists expect there are another 700-900 species we have yet to discover. 

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    A new study by two paleontologists has put forth a new and controversial theory. The theory suggests that up to 1/3 of previous named species don’t really exist. The logic is that many species thought to be unique are actually duplicates or misidentified. Paleontologists have found that juvenile dinosaurs do not look anything like their adult counterparts, and thus were identified as separate species. Apparently, juveniles go through transformational physical changes during their progression into adulthood. Keep in mind that this is just a new theory, which requires additional follow-up studies; around 700 species is the common accepted number of dinosaurs today.

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