How many Prius were sold in the first year?



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    The Prius went on sale in 1997, but was available in Japan only at the time.  There were some privately imported Priuses, but very few left the island nation.  That first year, only 300 vehicles were sold.  Very few, considering the Prius recently reached the “2,000,000 vehicles sold globally” mark.

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    Not very many Prius models were sold in 1997, their inaugural year: approximately 300, all sold within the country of Japan, home to the Toyota brand. 1998 saw a sharp rise in sales, eventually reaching 17,700 models sold, but again, all in Japan. 1999 saw a decline to 15,200 units sold. 2000 was the first year the Prius model was sold worldwide; it generated sales of 5,800 units in North America, 700 in Europe, 12,500 in Japan and another 10 in other parts of the world, for a total of 19,000 units sold. 

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